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My car…
May 19, 2006, 9:12 am
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Man, I should try and post a picture. I love my car. A Peugeot 206. White in colour. It’s simply awesome. It’s propably weird that I put my car under the category of hobbies, but I have to say, driving my car is more than just a hobby… It’s a life time experience!


May 19, 2006, 8:56 am
Filed under: Hobbies

It’s interesting to see that music is a hobbie or something on each and every blog one enters into. Music is a powerful thing. It influences the way we speak, walk, dress, and it inspires our whole being. Music can let you feel happy or it can let you feel crappy. If one can tap into the power of music you can rule the world… Or that’s my philosophy or something I guess. Lol! Anyway, I like bands like: Coal Chamber, Linkin Park, (former) Blink 182, Sum 41, System of a Down, Hikatori, Fort Minor, BlØf, Angels and Airwaves, Fokofpolisiekar, etc…