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June 13, 2006, 9:03 pm
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June is just not my month this year!  Everything that could go wrong, went wrong!  At the beginning of this month my parents found out that I smoke.  It wasn't pretty. Then, to top it all of, I got in a car accident last week!  R68 000 worth of damage to my two month old vehicle.  Man that sucks!  Can't believe so many bad stuff can happen in the same month that I was born.  Jip, it's my birthday this month.  I'm probably gonna have to spend all the money that I get for my birthday (if I get any) on paying the insurance company for fixing my car.  Luckily I have insurance, otherwise I would have had to pay the whole R68 000!  Oh, well.  I reckon that I have a choice, am I going to sit and sulk over all this, or am I going to move on, fix the damages (to my car and parents), and enjoy my life?  I choose the latter, I'm gonna be better after all this is over with.  For now, I'm just gonna sit out here, and light a cigarette!  HAHAHA!  Cheers…!


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